How to Use the USB Port Built in Backpack?

To all lovely Tzowla customers, as many of you have asked about how to use the USB port built in the backpack, we have prepared a specific guide of using the USB port for your reference, we hope this will help you better access to this handy feature. Kindly note Tzowla backpack does not include a power bank.

  1. Prepare your power bank.
  2. (Please do notice that you are not able to charge your phone without connecting to a power bank. The Tzowla backpacks doesn’t include the power bank, you need to buy a power bank separately.)

  3. Place it into one of the inside mesh pockets and connect it to the built-in USB cable.
  4. Connect to the outside USB port and start Charging your phone.
  5. Stay fresh with Tzowla while on the go.
  6. Since the USB plug of the backpack is facing down and the backpack is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about getting the backpack and USB plugs wet

Kindly note:

Some customers asked why the mobile phone could not be charged. We have summarized several reasons for your reference:

  • The USB charging head is damaged. Maybe you are buying inferior products.

We recommend that you buy products from brands, such as Tzowla and other brands with USB waterproof backpacks, because the brand has strict inspections on product quality and can get quality assurance, not the data cable and The processing technology of the USB connector is not standard, and there are two situations.

First, the metal contact piece in the data cable or USB interface is relatively thin. As the number of times of use increases, the metal piece is worn out or cannot be contacted and cannot be charged;

Second, the size of the interface is not standardized. If the size is too small, the metal contact piece cannot be contacted and cannot be charged normally.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a brand backpack and a brand data cable.

  • The internal constant current charging circuit of the power bank is damaged, which is usually caused by overheating and burning the main charging chip. (Generally, this problem will not occur. You can buy a brand for mobile power to avoid it. Brand mobile power has overcharge, overheat, and overvoltage protection functions)
  • The cable between the charging head and the power bank is not connected well, or the cable is broken. (If it’s the quality of the mobile phone charging cable or charging cable interface, we recommend you to buy a brand backpack and brand data cable)

The waterproof backpack with USB charging function is very convenient and safe when it rains and umbrellas to answer and make calls, which is not possible with non-waterproof backpacks.

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